Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bean Bags #1

Daughter #1 came home from school very enthused with bean bags the other day. Apparently they played with them in gym class. I asked if she'd like me to make some, she said YES, and these are the result. Not fancy, just 7" cotton squares turned and topstitched and filled with some Romano beans I bought by accident (I thought they were pinto beans). They were a hit this morning, especially with the baby, who is now at that age where putting things into things and then taking them out is jolly good fun. A bucket and a couple of bean bags and she was in baby heaven.

So these aren't that exciting, but making them has given me some ideas, which will be showing up here and probably in the store soon. For one thing there's the issue of washability, and for another I don't really like the feel of the beans in these bags, they're really too big. Rice would have a better feel to it, I think. Plus then they'd double up nicely as microwavable heating pads!

At any rate, I think my motivation is back! I'm gradually restocking the store and I have ideas to mull over and play with. All is right in my creative world again.

Now, I just have to find a recipe to try this week!

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