Saturday, February 13, 2010

New prototype: crayon and notepad case

I realized last night I didn't have any Valentine's presents for my kids, and what's the point of knowing how to sew if I can't whip something up at the last minute? Plus I've been meaning to make kid #1 a crayon case anyway. So I made this up for her.

Came out nicely! There's one flaw in it I will correct if/when I make more. My poor kids, always stuck with the flawed prototypes...

Exterior. you can see the error here; I didn't realize I need to do the line of stitching to make the pockets for the crayons shallower until I'd already sewn the whole thing together.

Pleased with it. I think the kiddo will like it, too. And I love the batiks in the interior, I need to see if I can get some more of those.

I also made the baby some simple stuffed hearts, but they honestly didn't turn out that well so I didn't bother taking pictures. Might head back to the sweatshop shortly to see if I can make something better for her...

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Kauline said...

Wow, that's awesome! I love it!

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