Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Product Review: Poach Pods

These are poach pods, which I bought from Lee Valley as a belated Christmas present to myself. I love poached eggs, and I love poached eggs for breakfast in particular (nothing else works quite as well as eggs in terms of being filling first thing in the morning!), and over the years I have tried many different ways of poaching eggs, and never really been satisfied with any of them. These looked like exactly the sort of thing I wanted - a way to easily and quickly poach eggs that, most importantly, would be easy to clean! After having used them for the last month, I can say these are the egg poaching solution I was looking forward. They're pretty much perfect.

You spray each pod lightly with something like PAM, or a bit of olive oil, or grease them in some way. You can get away without doing this, but the eggs will stick. A quick spray of oil and they come out much more easily. Crack an egg into each pod.

Set the pods in about an inch and a half of boiling water. The cover with a lid and let them cook until done. It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out the timing; I find 5 minutes gives me eggs poached the way I like them.
Finished! then you just lift out the pods, run a spoon around the edge of each egg to release them, and turn them out. Perfectly poached eggs every time.

(actually, I overcooked these ones slightly because I was messing around taking pictures - normally I prefer a runny yolk).

The poach pods clean up very easily, and can even go in the dishwasher.

I give the poach pods two thumbs up for sure. I'll probably buy another pair, actually, so I can make six eggs at once. My children love eggs, and very soon I suspect I'm going to find four eggs just isn't enough...

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