Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Winter Gnomes

When I cleaned up the Christmas stuff, I was looking at the two empty shelves that in the past have always been major junk magnets. They were the home of the Christmas village until yesterday. And it occurred to me, I've always wanted to do a sort of nature table type thing, and here I had two empty shelves that would be perfect!

I don't have good photos of the whole thing yet, but here's a closeup of the two gnomes I made last night, Mr. and Mrs. Winter. They're drinking hot chocolate out of some acorn cups.

From behind:

The idea is to add and subtract items based on the seasons, so they'll be here for a while. Probably a heart gnome or two will join them in time for Valentine's day...

(not calling this a nature table - there's a lot of synthetic up there, because I don't particularly like working with wool and I'm putting things together based on what's in the house. Pretty sure the silver 'snow' fabric is about as removed from nature as you can get! Call it a seasonal table instead. Seasonal shelf. Whatever.)

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