Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bag: Veronica

Fun! Not for someone who wants to avoid attention, that's for sure. Main fabric here is IKEA Frederika. Side pockets for water bottles, sippy cups, car keys, cell phones, random bits of paper, granola bars...OK, that's just what I would keep in there. You could put in whatever you wanted.

(I do sew with fabrics from places other than IKEA, I swear I do. I'll have a few pieces in the next week or two that don't involve IKEA at all. Really. No, really. I promise.)

A look at the zippered pocket on the back - great for your wallet!

Inside it's lined with orange - plenty of room for whatever you need to carry! It's an excellent size for a diaper bag. The colours in this photo are slightly off - the bag body is red, not pinkish as it appears here.

Why have I started hanging my bags from trees? The tree is right there, the backyard gets good light, it makes the photography somewhat easier. Why not hang bags from trees, I say!

This bag is for sale.

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