Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bags: Works in progress

I'm experimenting with a new-to-me technique. It's really neat, and I suspect most of my bags for a while will be in this style!

These two messenger bags are for a swap, so whoever gets them in the swap will get the honour of choosing the names. The first one isn't quite done - the tension on my better sewing machine went a bit wonky, so I haven't put in the final seam on the first bag, nor have I finished the strap.

And in other news, the first of my labels arrived! These are just simple ones with the business name; I'm still waiting for the labels with the lizard on them. The graphic labels are significantly more expensive, so not every piece will get a lizard.

This is another work in progress, which will probably also be part of the swap:

And showing off the label!

I'll hopefully get stuff into the Etsy shop this week. I'm working on the listings, but the shipping thing is kind of paralyzing me - looking at other Etsy shops, I'm wondering if it's common practice to undercharge on shipping, since a lot of the other Canadian bag sellers I've found are using shipping prices that I'm pretty sure don't even cover the postage, much less packaging.

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