Monday, June 1, 2009

Bag: Alice

This bag is for a swap, so whoever winds up with it can choose the name. Or I'll name it after them. Whichever. Edit: Name chosen! Hello Alice!

The flap has some red satin-y stuff, some cotton that's a William Morris reproduction print with gold, and basic black cotton. It's quite pretty.
It took me weeks to find a reasonably priced source for triglides. WEEKS. and then I finally found these and they are both awesome and cheap and from a Canadian seller. Win-win-win. I just wish they had them in colours other than silver! Gold or brass would have looked great on this bag.

Flap detail.
Inside features a zippered pocket, a key loop, and a cell phone pocket. Plus lots of space! I originally designed this pattern for someone who wanted to carry a standard sized notebook around, so it's roomy enough for the notebook and a bunch of other stuff (since who only carries a notebook? I can't get out of the house without a spare diaper, extra clothes for the baby, a half a dozen toys, a water bottle, and whichever wretched Happy Meal toy my older daughter is obsessing over).

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