Friday, June 26, 2009

Doll Bibs

So the dolls all have diapers, but what about when they're eating? Why, they need bibs, of course!

I put together the pattern for the bibs last night. For once I got it right almost immediately - the initial design was almost right and I only had to tweak it twice before it was right, which is somewhat amazing. Especially considering I'm having a HELL of a time getting the pattern for regular baby bibs to look right! I'm on about attempt number 20 with those, and there's still something off.

Seriously, how cute is this set? My daughter was so excited when she saw the little bibs this morning! Lucky girl gets to play with all the test attempts, although since this time I only had to make two I'll have to sit down and make a few more just for her.

Gonna make up a bunch more little diaper and bib sets over the next few days, since I picked up a ton of cute flannels a couple of days ago. Also I need to write up the instructions for the bibs, photograph the steps, and get the PDF ready - I figure I'll offer a deal if you buy both the diaper pattern and the bib pattern.

And I really need to get the baby bib pattern right! I want to offer that one as a freebie.

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