Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bag: Marissa

Marissa is another of the Craftapple bags. Cotton outer, some sort of mixed fibre twill for the inner (I'm not sure about the fibre content, it's something I picked up at the thrift store for next to nothing - I LOVE finding yardage at the thrift store! Most of the time the fabric they get there is hideously ugly, but sometimes there are some gems, and this pink is definitely a gem.)

It has pockets on either side. These are flat pockets, just because for various reasons I couldn't deal with making them the more usual elasticized or gathered way.

The new necessity, a cell phone pocket! Man, I love these. I don't even really use my cell phone that much, except to check the time and occasionally send text messages, but having a specific place for the damn thing is so helpful. Now I only lose it about half the time, instead of 80%.

Key loop. Label, of course. Have I mentioned I love my labels?

The inner, with two additional pockets.

I think overall this is a very nice bag!

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