Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diaper cover and an AI2

These are for the craft swap I'm involved in. The green one is a diaper cover, the orange one is an All-In-Two (AI2). Both made from the Darling Diapers pattern in size medium. PUL outer fabric for waterproofing, interior of the AI2 is cotton jersey, Zorb, and athletic wicking fabric.

The inside of the AI2. It's called an All-In-Two because the absorbancy is split between the diaper and the snap-in soaker (two pieces). This allows the diaper to go on just like a disposable, but it dries much faster than an All In One.

I actually haven't done a lot of diaper sewing recently, and the baby is starting to look a little snug in her medium diapers, so this was a great warm up so I can get some more large diapers made! For her large stash I'm mostly going to do AI2s, I think, just for ease of changing, with some fitteds/covers for nighttime.

Diaper cover. I really like this green. Gussets. Yes, it's all very thrilling.

This is kind of fun! I have labels! And size tags! Check them out! I can't stop using exclamation points! I'm putting labels on anything that will sit still!

Ahem. Just need to run these through a wash/dry to seal up the waterproofing on the PUL, and they can go in the mail.

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