Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deep breath.


June was quite the month around here! I finally launched the store, and I even made a few sales, which still makes me feel a little bit giddy.

I created patterns for doll diapers and bibs, and I have a baby bib pattern in the works and a felt donut pattern almost ready to go (just a bit of editing to do on that one).

So many blog posts! So much done!

And so much more to come. A couple of orders for local folks to wrap up. Gotta finish the wedding present for my brother and his lovely new wife. Want to make myself a new diaper bag, since it's been all of three months since I had a new one. A dozen new patterns idea swirling around in my head.

And did I mention that we're currently trying to stage the house to sell? That's going to be fun, packing up everything except my sewing essentials.

More pics and fun to come tomorrow.

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