Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bag: Lyra

I think this is it for unnamed swap bags! Got them done with time to spare, woo-hoo! This one is the same brown twill as bag #2, and the same dupioni silk, just a different patterned fabric. It's not cotton, it's...something. A blend, I imagine, it came out of the depths of my stash and I have no clue where or when I even bought it.

I love these labels! They just add that extra touch.

Under the flap is a small zippered pocket and a pen pocket (no zippered pocket on the back of this one - one zipper per bag is about my limit, I DETEST sewing in zippers). Side pocket, small pocket for cell phone. There's another elasticized pocket on the other side with a key loop in it.

Shot showing the full front and the inner lining, just a basic cotton that I interfaced. This bag should hold its shape fairly well, although the interfacing will soften a bit with use.

Whew. Swap bags done. Can't wait to see what I get back!

edit: We have a name! Hello Lyra!

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