Saturday, June 6, 2009

How does my garden grow?

SLOWLY! The temperature has been below normal for the last couple of weeks, so things are growing slooooooooowly. I have pretty much everything I want planted, now, so now we water and we wait!The lettuce is coming along, I believe we will have our first salad out of home-grown greens tomorrow.
Tomatoes are planted. There's also a couple of pepper plants, cucumber, and zucchini, although I think I might have damaged the zucchini when I planted it. We'll see, if it dies, I'll just get another one. Also I managed to reverse the zucchini and the cucumber and plant them in the wrong spots, which means I'm probably going to have to spend a lot of time moving zucchini vines around. Live and learn! Next year I am going to do a much better job of actually planning the damn garden, rather than just tossing stuff in at random. I'm also going to attempt to train the cucumber up a trellis, which could be interesting. I have this trellis netting stuff I'm going to put over the tripods once the plants get bigger and start requiring more support. Hell, maybe I'll try and train the zucchini up into the netting! I'm already attracting a lot of attention from the other gardeners for my crazy plastic weed barrier, why not go extra nuts!

Peas! I put together a half-assed trellis thing out of sticks and string for the peas on Wednesday morning, and then I stopped back at the garden around dinner time and some of the peas had already found the strings and started attaching themselves. Amazing! And what's even more amazing is that the bunnies haven't found them yet, bunnies ALWAYS eat my peas.

More of the lettuce. Yep, that's lettuce. Woo.

I've planted one final attempt at carrots - one of the other gardeners offered me his leftover seeds, so I figured why not take one more shot at it. I know his seeds are good, his carrots are growing! If these ones don't grow, to hell with it, I'm not meant to grow carrots.

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