Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot weather is here - just what the garden needs!

Finally the weather is getting warm and sunny! Which is just what the garden needs. I swear in the last 48 hours everything has suddenly gained 1/3 in size. Of course, no rain means heading over every day to water and check on how things are progressing.

The peas. I need to make their trellis a little less half assed. That's a project for tomorrow, I also need to get some more decent stakes.

Cauliflower! These are growing REALLY nicely.

The tomatoes and peppers. Some of the tomatoes are growing better than others, but they're all growing, and some are flowering already. I cannot WAIT for fresh tomatoes.

Peppers, eh. Not really a fan, frankly I'm only growing them because my husband eats them and I got the plants for free. That's why there's only two pepper plants and a zillion tomatoes.

Another view. The lettuce is looking great!

Well, it looks great except for this. Which used to be an unbroken line of lettuce. I suspect bunnies - do they steal entire heads of lettuce?

The spinach is finally looking a little better. Not sure what's going on with it, it just wasn't growing at all until the last couple of days.

Fresh herbs in the herb garden! Now I just have to remember to actually PICK some.

The whole garden (or at least most of it, there's a couple of plots not in this picture). So much amazing stuff growing! It's going to be fun to take this picture again over the rest of the summer and compare how it looks!

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