Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camilla version 2.0

The original Camilla has been my everyday bag for a while now, and I love it and get tons of compliments on it. But there are various parts of the pattern that make it kind of tough to sew (the outside pocket in particular!), and I wanted to try another version and write a pattern for a similar bag from scratch. So I got out my ruler, pulled out some fabric, and by the next day, this is what I had.

So this is Camilla v2.0 - she looks very similar, but is in fact constructed completely differently from the original Camilla.

Reverse side, different flower detail.

One outside pocket; future bags I think I'll do outer pockets on both sides.

Inner view - one large pocket, a cell phone pocket, and you can't quite see it but there is a key loop.

Very satisfied with this bag! And now I am completely out of the green fabric, so there won't be any more like this one!

I'm going to keep working on this pattern; I'm going to try experimenting with patchwork for the center stripes, I think I could make some really funky bags that way.

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