Monday, June 22, 2009

Pattern writing - doll diapers

Excuse the bizarre face tatoos on my model, I have a budding artist in the house.

So this pattern writing thing? Awesome. I can combine my love of sewing with using the computer! Seriously, it's really fun. Plus I'm resurrecting my long-unused vector graphics abilities.

So here's the work in progress, a pattern for doll diapers:

Numerous test runs, none of them quite right. I think, though, I've finally finished tweaking the actual pattern! Tonight I'll photograph all the steps, make a few samples in something more interesting than white fleece, put together the instructions, and PDF-ize the whole thing.

Edit: Changed my mind about the free download - since I'm going to be selling these diapers in my Etsy shop, I'd like to restrict use of the pattern a little bit. So it'll be for sale for a small fee in a day or two.

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