Friday, June 19, 2009

Bag: Lily

OK, I have to admit, I'm not as productive as the last run of posts might suggest! Most of what I've been posting lately are things I've completed over the last few months, but never got around to photographing. My actual sewing lately has pretty much been all diapers, since the baby is ready to move up a size. And 57 diaper posts in a row would be kind of dull, so I'm saving those photos until I get a whole bunch done and then I can just do one post.

Anyway, this is Lily. This is a pattern I designed for a LARGE messenger bag. LARGE. It's LARGE. Did I mention LARGE? This is the diaper bag you want if you cloth diapering and going out for an entire day. Maybe two days. Or you are diapering twins. And you need to carry the entire contents of the nursery with you. And maybe you want to stuff a toaster or two in there because you really like toast and are worried about maintaining your access to toast at all times.

It's a big bag, is what I'm trying to say here. Also, it's possible I didn't get enough sleep last night (toast?).

Ahem. The details. Fabric is black twill and IKEA PATRICIA. Yes, it's the return of IKEA! I realized the other day that I live within a reasonable driving distance of four IKEAS. Granted, two of them I've never been too, but if I really wanted to I could go to four IKEAs in one day.

Is it just me or is that excessive? Also I think I may not have needed that third cup of tea this morning.

Back zippered pocket. It is what it is.

This bag is a bit less structured than I usually do, so she's kind of soft and, for lack of a better word, floppy. She doesn't hold her shape unless she's stuffed full of stuff. But since she's intended to carry lots of stuff, I think that's OK.

Hardware detail. I love these triglides, they have opening just slightly larger than two inches so I make the straps exactly two inches wide and they fit beautifully.

Inner is some sort of twill, although I don't recall if it's 100% cotton or a blend. Couple of elasticized dividers. Woo.

Front, behind the flap, features two flat pockets and a pen pocket. The side pockets are elasticized for bottles or sippy cups or small loaves of French bread.

Yeah, I definitely didn't need that last cup of tea.

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