Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bag: Chloe

Repost, with a little more detail! Body is brown twill, flap has strips of the twill, green dupioni silk, and some patterned quilter's cotton. The cotton is also the liner.

A look at the liner. I didn't put any interior pockets in this bag because I just wasn't feeling it - I had some struggles with the outside pockets, and just couldn't deal with inner pockets as well!

Key loop hidden inside one of the exterior pockets; I keep forgetting to apply the snaps to make it into an actual loop. You can also see the zippered pocket on the back of the bag.

The other side has another elasticized pocket and a cell phone pocket (I need to apply the snap closure to the cell phone pocket flap - it'll be pink).

This bag isn't as heavily interfaced as some of the others I've done, so it's a bit floppier. It won't retain that rectangular shape while in actual use. I love it, though, and I kind of like the softness of this particular bag. It's going to be hard to let it go to a new owner!

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