Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 10: Butternut Squash Ravioli

I really like butternut squash ravioli, so decided to try it this week. Butternut squash ravioli tossed in sage browned butter with spinach, pumpkin seeds, and blue cheese. Yum!

I want to try making pasta, but wasn't up to that this week (also, I want to get a pasta roller, since rolling out pasta isn't something I really want to do by hand). So I found a recipe that uses, of all things, wonton wrappers. (recipe is here)

Basically just cut eat wrapper in half, top with filling, fold in half, and crimp with the tines of a fork:

They were good, although the wrappers aren't exactly pasta like. I want to make these again with a proper pasta dough, once I get myself a pasta roller! I actually think these would be fantastic fried rather than boiled - I have leftover uncooked ones, I may try that tomorrow, with some sort of dipping sauce, maybe.

The brown sage butter/spinach/pumpkinseed/blue cheese combination is fantastic. Although I'm afraid I'm the only one who liked these! Next time I'll probably make a couple of different fillings, like a ricotta and cheese filling, which I think my family will enjoy more.

This picture is making me hungry.


Seven Gable House Art said...

Looks great! I'm wondering if the Easter Bunny might consider substituting a Kitchen Aid pasta attachment in lieu of chocolate this year>

Purplelizard said...

That would be a very clever Easter bunny! I've been eying the pasta attachment for ages...

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