Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 11: Cavatappi with Sundried Tomatoes & Cannellini Beans

Recipe from the lovely Elly Says Opa!

Review: eh. Not something I think I'll make again, although we ate it and it was certainly filling, with the addition of the beans. But alas, the recipe does not win a coveted place in my recipe binder. It was just kind of bland. I think some caramelized onions and a handful of feta would have been called for. Or maybe I didn't put in enough parmesan.

I did have an amusing moment in the grocery store, where I couldn't locate cannellini beans, and remembering that in the pictures they looked like kidney beans, I bought white kidney beans.

It turns out white kidney beans ARE cannellini beans. So I learned something!

So overall, this week's recipe was a bit of a dud.

Next week, however, I'm getting excited about. I have unilaterally declared it vegetarian week (hey, when you do all the cooking, you get to do stuff like that), and I'm going to be trying something a little different. Rather than thinking about each meal independently, I'm planning to set out 5-6 dishes every night and let people choose what they want. So I'll make a bunch of stuff on Sunday (pita, hummus, tzatziki, falafel, dal, that sort of thing), then the leftovers will continue to reappear all week and new dishes will be added. And the money I would normally spend on meat will most likely go on fancy cheese, because lord do I love cheese.

Should be fun, and I have a whole bunch of recipes I want to try. I will try and take pictures of each night's meal and do a big wrap up post next Friday.

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