Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B's Mei Tai

Mei Tai for a friend! IKEA fabric again for the body (Elisabet); heavy twill inner, twill fabric from Fabricland for the straps. Straps are lightly padded with fleece.

First, the interior - the straps are attached to the hidden inner layer with triple-stitched X-boxes. This is very important in a Mei Tai - the stress of the weight of the baby shouldn't all be on the outer seams, these hidden inner seams provide strength and safety.

Testing it out with Maggie; she prefers to ride arms out:

And the reverse, demonstrating arms in. Maggie HATES this position, she's actually yelling at me. Loudly.

Slightly better view of the colours:

I hope she likes it!

Edit: Thank you B for these pictures - I forgot to take photos of the carrying bag! I love this bag pattern, it's a free pattern you can find on the Burda website for a reversible messenger bag. I've made a bunch of these for various purposes, and I've found they are a good size for Mei Tai storage.

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