Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Diaper bag: Daphne

I adore this fabric (GUNILLA from IKEA). I wanted to experiment with my bag pattern and work out a few kinks. I now have a completed pattern and will be making bags for my Etsy shop, as soon as the bag hardware I ordered arrives!

I wanted a nice big bag for those times we're out of the house all day and need to carry lots of stuff (since we use cloth diapers, just the diapers for a day out of the house take up a lot of space!). I'm very pleased with how this turned out, although I'm not sure I'll use home decor fabric for a lining again! Doing the top corners turned into a bit of a nightmare due to too many layers of heavy fabric. And I was too impatient to wait for my triglides to arrive so the strap on this one isn't adjustable - not a big deal since I was able to size it specifically for me, but the bags I'll hopefully be selling will have adjustable straps.

Side view. I have external pockets on both sides for holding cell phones, keys, water bottles, sippy cups, and all the other junk I might need quick access to. There's a toy/key loop hidden in one of the pockets; I meant to add more loops in various other places but, um, kind of completely forgot!

Back zippered pocket. I use this for my wallet:

Inside, showing the lining. There are a couple of basic internal pockets the picture doesn't show. Diaper bags always seem to have a bunch of pockets inside, but honestly I've never actually found those inner pockets all that useful, so this time I just did two and I probably won't even use them!

When I go back to work in the fall (boo) I think I might use it as my laptop bag, if I make a protective sleeve for the laptop. Or maybe I'll design a new bag for that...

I have to make a change pad and a wet bag, and then it's done!

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