Sunday, April 26, 2009

And now for something completely different...

For over a year, I've been asking, 'What's the deal with the community garden?'. Finally, last week I got the contact information, plonked down $25, and now this is my patch of dirt:

Staked, tilled, and ready for planting! I put in a row of lettuce and spinach this morning; the plan is to plant three rows altogether over the next three weeks, to ensure a continuous harvest before the weather gets too hot for greens.

Everything else has to wait for the frost danger to pass. Tentative plan is lots of tomatoes, a zucchini plant, one pepper plant for the husband (I loathe peppers), lots of basil, maybe some carrots, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

the garden also includes a community herb garden:

Can't wait to see it fully grown - there's a variety of stuff already growing, like thyme and oregano.

Fresh tomato and basil salad! I can hardly wait!

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