Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hat project '09

What do you call a bunch of hats? A plethora? A herd? A gaggle?

These are the smallest two. The pink one was a valuable lesson in the importance of stay-stitching - note how the brim is totally wonky compared to the nice smooth brim of the other hat? I forgot to stay-stitch the inner edge of the brim on the pink one before I attached it to the crown. Amazing how something that seems like a pointless step turns out to make such a huge difference!

The baby doesn't seem to mind the wonky brim!

Gratuitous cute baby modeling shot:

I need to put hook & loop on the ends of the ties, but I'm probably going to wait to do that until I have one more hat made, then I'll do all the H&L at once. I hate sewing hook tape in particular, so I'm procrastinating that step.

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