Monday, April 6, 2009

Sadness. Now happiness!

So I took both of my sewing machines in for service on Saturday. My main machine, a Janome, is under warranty and the straight stitch has lately been sewing not-quite-entirely straight. Like it's doing a really tiny zig-zag instead of a straight stitch. So they're looking at that.

My back up machine, a Kenmore my mom bought for me (mumble) years ago, got screwed up last fall when I tried to force it to sew through too many layers and the tension went completely wonky. So they'll fix that and probably clean and tune it, since it's never been serviced. And hopefully on Thursday or Saturday I can go retrieve my machines and get sewing again! For now, I am sad, because I want to sew, and I cannot.

The upside of having no machine in the house, however, is that I'm getting lots of my least favourite thing done - cutting and prepping fabric. Since I have no choice but to cut and prep, I'm finding I don't mind doing it quite so much! The baby is ready to go up a size in diapers, so I got a bunch of larges cut out and snaps applied. Tonight I'm going to cut out fabric for two bags, I think, and start applying interfacing.

The best part is, once I have my machines back, I'll be able to sit down and just sew, sew, sew, since I'll have so many things ready to go!

Edit: Janome is ready! Got the call this morning, off to pick her up tomorrow. Fast service, since I dropped her off Saturday and it's only Tuesday. Kenmore won't be ready for a week, but that's OK, I'll have one machine back!

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