Thursday, August 13, 2009

The diaper stash

It's a rainbow! Of, well, diapers. Yeah. This is probably not that entertaining for the vast majority of people!

Why cloth diaper? Well, honestly, I just like sewing the diapers. But it is awfully nice not to have to spend money on disposables, and hey, they're pretty.

Brights. I have an orange one cut out, just haven't sewn it together yet. Not sure when that'll happen, the orange is VERY orange. But eventually when I sell these as second hand it would be nice to have the complete rainbow set.

These are all All in Two diapers, so they have a waterproof outer shell and an absorbant inner that fastens inside the diaper but is removeable so it dries faster. I use snaps because velcro is annoying (gets all tangled up in the washer and dryer).

Pastels! The baby approves, clearly.


My complete current stash, 100% made by me. On the right are a bunch of covers (which I really need to go through, there's a bunch of mediums in there that don't fit anymore) and the spare wetbags. Far left are a few fitteds that I use for nighttime since they are a bit more absorbant than the AI2s. Then there's the white AI2s and then the rainbows.

So, that should keep us set for diapers for a good long while! The really good thing about these is that a certain baby is becoming VERY wriggly, and I can actually pre fasten these and pull them on like pull ups if I have to.

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