Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hey, I sewed!

Daughter # 1 is off to a birthday party this morning, so this will be going to the birthday girl:

(good lord, is my photography getting worse?? I think it is. I choose to blame the camera. Well, ironing the sheet I'm using for the background would no doubt help. I need to make a light box, is what.)

And I wanted to list something in the shop (with Etsy, search results are displayed with the most recently listed item first, so it's good to list items frequently to keep your shop towards the top of the list - even if they don't buy that particular item, it's always good to have eyeballs looking at your site!), but my brain was kind of fried last night so I went simple. A set of cloth wipes:

Once you go to cloth diapers, it's not a stretch to switch to cloth wipes, too, since you just chuck 'em in the wetbag along with the dirty diapers and wash it all at once. The nice thing about cloth wipes is they are much sturdier than the disposable ones, nice and soft (these are made of flannel), and I like to make them nice and big! They work great. I have a container full of cloth wipes next to the changing table, along with a squirt bottle of water. Just wet one with the bottle and you are ready to clean up the baby.

So these will be in the store. Probably will make up some more sets on those nights when I want to sew but don't have any strong inspiration. Or when my brain is foggy and sewing anything other than a straight line is a challenge!

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