Thursday, August 27, 2009

Garden - After the Tornado

So it was definitely a tornado that hit Milton. Crazy stuff! And the garden is looking kind of rough. Fortunately, the tomato plants don't seem too perturbed by the whole thing. They've all fallen over and are all tangled up, but the actual fruit is fine. This is today's harvest!

Sweet 100s. I love these. There's nothing like them fresh out of the garden.

Assortment of other tomatoes, including a few of the weirder heirloom varieties. Some aren't quite ripe - one of the results of the tornado (and my lack of proper pruning!) is that the plants are sort of fallen over and when I'm rooting around the bottom looking for ripe tomatoes it's sometimes hard to tell just how ripe they are, so I wind up picking a few that aren't quite ready yet. Fortunately, a day or two on the windowsill and they are ready to go.

I've got pizza dough rising - I think rather than doing a full-on pizza, I'll dice up a bunch of the tomatoes with maybe some garlic and basil and olive oil, and spread that over the dough with some mozzarella and maybe the boccocinni I have in the fridge and call that dinner. Sort of a bruchetta, I guess. The tomatoes are so good I don't want to cook them and lose all that fresh tomato flavour!

And the best part it, assuming we don't get a really early frost, there's lots more tomatoes coming!

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