Friday, August 21, 2009


Or something tornado like, anyway. Big Huge Storm hit Ontario yesterday, resulting in multiple twisters. It's possible one hit Milton, and specifically landed in the area of the community garden. Or if not a tornado, one of those things that causes a lot of destruction. microburst? something like that.

Anyway, lots of trees down and property damage. Fortunately no injuries. Just got back from checking over the garden, and it looks like my plot came through relatively unscathed.

My tomatoes look OK, just kind of all over to one side! I'm going to leave them for a few days (other than harvesting the ripe stuff) and see how they recover before I try and straighten anything out.

Other people weren't as lucky, like the person growing corn:

And a lot of people's tomato plants look like they broke off at the base, so are starting to wilt.

This person's garlic? onions? will probably recover:

And it's a good thing this didn't fall on the garden:

Since it's right next to my plot! Hopefully when the work crew comes in to remove it they don't trample anything.

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