Thursday, May 20, 2010

A few more fairy tale people

My first attempt at Robin Hood, which had a number of issues. Once again, my children wind up with the toys that didn't quite work out properly. They don't seem to be complaining, though.

Queen. Her tunic came out very well, I'm quite pleased with it.
Pink witch, or a princess, or a lady, or, or, or! I haven't quite worked out the long dresses to my satisfaction. This one was supposed to be sort of 'floor length', but it's rather cute even though it didn't come out long enough!
I'm really into embroidering the little flowers! This is the green lady, forest spirit, goddess of summer, maybe the mother - many different ideas! To me she's the green witch.

Tabouleh recipe coming up later! It's not all tiny people around here.

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