Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 19: Tabbouleh

Vegetarianism (at least at home) continues. I'm not sure I'd ever tried tabbouleh before. Turns out I love it! And very easy to make, which will always net a recipe a spot in the 'make this again' binder.

This was last Sunday's dinner - Tabbouleh, obviously, and in the background two half pitas. One spread with an olive-mushroom tapanade, the other with falafel, tomato, cucumber, and tzatziki (ha, the firefox spellchecker hates all those words).

The tabbouleh was also really good combined with hummus on a pita, with some feta and black olives scattered over the top. In fact, I'm having that again for lunch in a few minutes.

I used this food network recipe:

Except I couldn't find mint anywhere, so left that out. And I only used one bunch of parsley - 3 bunches seems completely insane to me, unless they are very small. Also, the second time I made it instead of using the bulgur I cooked a cup of quinoa, and I actually liked that better. You wind up with way more grains that shown in the picture, and the parsley flavour is a bit less intense, but the quinoa works really well with the dressing and tomatoes.

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