Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long overdue: The Fairy Tale People

These were a present for my five year old's birthday. I'm so thrilled with how they turned out! For these, I painted the faces (except for the baby, that was a pre-painted bead). This is the king and the queen, with baby princess. These two are my favourites, I love the way the colours work together.

For these, unlike the fairies, I used embroidery thread for the hair. I really like how it looks.

The fairy godmother, witch, and wizard. Although the witch could be a wise woman or healer or nurse too. And apparently the fairy godmother is the evil queen, according to my daughter. Hey, they're her toys! In retrospect I wish I'd put some hair on the wizard, but other than that, they came out great. I think the witch is particularly delightful.

The prince and the princess. These are a bit smaller than the others, of course. I was losing it a little bit on the embroidery with these, it's kind of uneven and all over the place.

Altogether, these are sized about the same as the plan toys stuff from her dollhouse, so she can play with them in the dollhouse and use the dollhouse furniture.

I'm really enjoying making these to a perhaps unreasonable degree. I need more beads to make more heads, but I've got the body done for a Robin Hood type figure, and I've started on a maiden/mother/crone trio and another king and queen. I'll probably pop them into the store when they are done.

Edit: The five year old insisted I add this picture she took. For some reason the people are currently living in plastic cups.

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