Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rainbow Bundt Cake

Birthday cake for my 5 year old (man, that's weird to type. I have a five year old! What?)



This is awesome because the WOW factor is massively disproportionate to the actual amount of effort it takes to make the cake. It takes maybe 5 minutes of extra work to make the rainbow effect, but everyone thinks you are Martha Stewart.

how to make it?

Make your favourite white or yellow cake recipe. Or boxed mix. Whichever.

Divide the batter equally into six bowls.

Use gel food colouring to dye each bowl a different colour.

Pour the batter, one colour at a time, into a bundt pan. So start with red, pour it in (this will actually be easier with a boxed mix, since they tend to be runnier - I made a from scratch cake and it was pretty stiff batter, so it was a bit trickier). Then pour the orange on top of the red, the yellow on top of the orange, the green on top of the yellow, etc. Eagle eyes will spot the error I made when I poured in my batter, I accidentally reversed two of the colours! Try and pour each colour into the middle of the last colour, that will push the previous colours out a bit and create the arched/curved effect.

Bake as normal, cool, invert onto your serving tray, frost, enjoy!

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megan said...

I just love this I made this a couple years ago and I have been going crazy today trying to find your site again :)

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