Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chris Bosh won't let me sew.

Wait, what?

Important facts:

My sewing room is in the basement. Our house has approximately 57 levels*, and the girl's bedrooms are up at the top. So if I'm in the basement, and they are in bed, theoretically sleeping**, I'm out of earshot. So if I'm the only adult around, I don't like to disappear into the basement where I can't hear the kids.

*may not be entirely accurate
**especially the four year old, who of late has decided that bedtime means playtime. You know when it gets quiet? And you suddenly realize it's been quiet for a REALLY long time, and your heart starts to race and you yell up the stairs, what are you doing up there? And then you get the worst possible answer to that question? NOTHING, MAMA. I'M DOING NOTHING. (pause) DON'T COME UP HERE. Well, I don't know where I was going with this, actually, but so far I've cleaned up vast amounts of water and a major baking soda incident. The upshot is, I don't want to be out of earshot of the kids, even if they are, allegedly, sleeping.

Another important fact: the NHL and NBA seasons are starting soon. That's where Chris Bosh come in. I mean, he's not LITERALLY telling me I can't sew, but because of the sports teams, my husband is working about 57 hours a day. Which means, he's not home. Which means, no locking myself in the basement for hours on end because if I do no one is listening for the kids.

So, not a lot of sewing. I have decided that starting tonight in the evenings when he's not home yet I'll bring a current project and the sewing machine up to the dining room so I can get a few things done, like L's Mei Tai, which I've only been promising her for MONTHS and all I have to do on it is topstitch the straps and yet I just haven't been able to get it done! I don't like moving up to the dining room because I have a bad habit of letting my projects completely takeover all flat surfaces, and if I'm not religious about putting everything back in the basement at the end of the day we'll wind up with a dining room full of fabric. Again.

(I do, for the record, have a baby monitor, but it doesn't really work very well, and I'm not about to go spend money on a new one right now)

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