Saturday, September 5, 2009

Works in progress: Hairbands

I got a new haircut, with bangs for the first time in a zillion years, and I'm loving it. Except that sometimes, I just really want the bangs OFF my forehead (plus, I'd forgotten how oily skin + bangs all day = zits. I'm 16 again, y'all!).

Solution? Hairbands! I whipped up a pattern and made a few.

OK, it was a little more complicated than that because I got totally obsessive and wanted to get the pattern just abosolutely perfect. And then a child size pattern. And then hairbands in two different widths. 15 test runs later, and I've finally got it.

When I start a project, what can I say, I go ALL OUT. On the plus side, i should be able to write up the pattern as a PDF for the store. And hey, might even whip up a few headbands for sale, too, I have a ton of scrap pieces of fabric that would be perfect, and they take maybe 10 minutes to sew, so they're fast and easy.

Wide version. Reversible. Covered elastic. Yep, got it all.

Is there any way to take a self portrait of the top of your head without looking like a total tool?

Hairbands: DEADLY SERIOUS BUSINESS, apparently.

Hey, at least my hair is off my face. And now I can inflict dorky matching headbands on my daughters, too. Hooray!


liligo said...

love those hairbands, and I would be interested in a copy of the PDF if you make one (as long as you are OK with me selling hairbands I make from it). Perhaps we could make a trade? I took your advice and have a blog now, and am loving it.

Purplelizard said...

Absolutely, all my patterns include license to sell what you make as long. My only condition is that any online sale listing includes some sort of pattern credit.

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