Thursday, September 10, 2009

So many tomatoes. And back to work.

I go to the garden every third day, and usually this is what I get. SO MANY TOMATOES. And I could have filled that whole basket just with cherry tomatoes.

I should probably can some of this, but I don't really feel up to dealing with it. So I'm giving them away and we're eating lots of tomato based dishes. Too many tomatoes is, frankly, a pretty nice problem to have.

I started back to work yesterday. I'm teaching one class this term, and I always forget how draining lecturing can be. Three hours of telling people things is actually pretty intellectually demanding, and since I'm the type who paces and flails her arms around a lot while lecturing, it's physically tiring as well. I'm glad I'm only teaching one class this term.

So although I had plans for a ton of sewing last night, none of it happened. Instead I just flaked out on the couch and did nothing. But now I'm recovered, and I have a bunch of stuff on the schedule for tonight! Finish up L's Mei Tai, make a couple of kiddie Mei Tais since a few have sold out of the shop and I should replace them, and maybe work a bit on Super Secret Christmas Toy project.

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