Friday, September 18, 2009

Sneak Peek: Little Wooden People Rolls

This is something I've been working on for a while. Sometimes I get an idea and I just can't stop thinking about it until I sit down and work it out. This was one of those ideas that just wouldn't leave me alone until I started pulling out fabric and making prototypes!

Another angle. Looks a lot like a crayon or marker roll, but it's a tad bulky to be one of those. The closure on this was bugging me for weeks - I knew it needed to be something a preschooler could easily handle, so I wanted to avoid anything that needed to be tied, but an elastic around the whole thing just didn't look very good. Finally, I struck on this - elastic hooked around a painted wooden button.

But what's inside?

It's a family of little wooden people! Why would anyone want such a thing? Well, what I have in mind is that you tuck this roll into your purse, and then when you get stuck somewhere with an antsy 4 year old, you've got instant entertainment. Restaurants, doctor's offices, anywhere you find yourself waiting and thinking damn, I should have brought a toy for the kids. It's open ended, and if you kid loves imaginative play, it's got endless possibilities!

These are the people. I have a variety and will be able to do customized sets. This is dad, mom, girl, boy, and two babies. I haven't completely decided what to do with the actual people yet. I'll offer some sets undecorated, so you or your child can decorate them as you like, or I can simply finish them with an all natural wax I've found. I think I'll also have some sets stained in rainbow colours. That's the part of the whole project I still have to figure out.

Exterior shot. I wish I had more of this rainbow fabric, it's so perfect for this, but unfortunately it's something I bought years and years ago, so most of these will be different. Each one will be unique.

So that's a sneak peak at something I'm working on! I hope to get some of these up in the store in a week or two, once I have all the details (and, of course, pricing) worked out.


Anonymous said...

I love this! They would have been perfect for me when my kids were todders.

Andrea said...

I love these! I've made and sold crayon and pencil rolls, but your idea is really cute. Well done Em! I use the elastic band with a large button too, as I've found that children can open and close them, but can't do just the elastic on it's own, and we want the kids to be able to do it on their own right! (so we can carry on drinking our beer/eating our dinner!)

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