Sunday, October 11, 2009

FIRE (little people set)

Thanksgiving went off well (overcooked the turkey a tad, but with gravy that good, who cares?), and today we're off for thanksgiving part two at my sister in law's house. More turkey! Yay!

I finished off the first sets for my elements themed series. This one the people are natural; I will also have one set with stained orange/yellow/red people. The red orange and yellow are kind of appropriate to the whole thanksgiving thing, too.

I wasn't thrilled with my collection of blue fabrics for the water sets (most of my stash is muted colours), so I picked up a couple half meters of bright blue fabric. I think they'll be gorgeous! I'm debating doing some sets with applique on the outside, but I have a hard time with applique. It never comes out like it looks in my head.

Since the doll mei tais are proving to be good sellers, I cut four more out last night, including some out of the crazy blue and pink batik fabric I've had in my stash for years now. If they work out, I might have to start getting into dying. The idea of being able to start with white fabric and create my own patterns really appeals to me - marbled straps and tie-dyed center panels would be so neat on the doll carriers.

Like I need any more ideas! I can't keep up with my own brain.

More of the fire little people set:

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