Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trades #1: Pumpkin Hat

One of the things I have discovered over the last few months is that there are many many people out there who are happy to trade their hand crafted stuff for your hand crafted stuff. I'm going to start posting a few of the things I've gotten through trades, since I'm just so thrilled about the whole thing! Trades are a really great way to get your hands on stuff that you love but don't have the time or the inclination to figure out how to do it yourself.

First up, this very adorable pumpkin hat for the baby. Her birthday is Halloween, so I think a pumpkin hat is pretty much required! This is from the lovely 3DeesPlace on Etsy. She doesn't currently have the pumpkin hats listed, but I bet if you asked her she'd hook you up! And how cute is this hat?

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