Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Little People

I have a real thing for rainbow colours. I'm always trying to move away from them, but with all the kid sewing I've been doing, I keep coming back to the rainbows.

But one cannot live by rainbows alone. Or something. Well, basically sewing the same thing over and over and over again gets really tedious. So here's some pink.

I did two pink ones last night. I'm thinking I'll do four more little wooden people sets, in an earth/air/water/fire type theme (if I can figure out how to differentiate air - earth, water, and fire are easy, but what colours to use for air? purple/blue/white, maybe), then call it a day on those except for custom orders. I need to get some more doll mei tais in stock as the Christmas gift buying season approaches. Also, I have a new size of doll diapers I have to finish testing out and add to the pattern (anyone who has previously purchased the pattern, watch your email - I will send you the PDF of the new size large as soon as it's ready!).

I had hoped to get my hairband pattern up in the store by the end of September, but that didn't work out - you wouldn't think something so simple would cause such headaches! It's almost ready, and I should have about a dozen or so hairbands to sell as well.

And, of course, there's L's long awaited diaper bag to work on! I'm really struggling with the flap design on it for some reason. Nothing I try is really working right, so I had to set it aside for a couple of days. I have a new idea to try tonight, hopefully it'll work!

Pink doll rolls are in the store.

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