Thursday, October 8, 2009

Still sewing

I am busy. Work, kids, getting ready to host my family for thanksgiving (turkey, YAY!), I have to get over to the garden and start cleaning it up, and, of course, sewing.

Nothing new and exciting to show, unfortunately, I'm just making stock for the store. Bit of a creative slump, frankly, nothing new is really working right so I'm just sewing my standbys (and people keep buying them, so hey, it works!). I am going to do some photos in the next few days of some of the wonderful and amazing things I've traded for recently, since I don't want this poor blog to languish unattended!

I also have the ubiquitous 'advice for etsy sellers' post brewing, now that I've been at this for a few months and am now TOTALLY an expert. But seriously, there are a few Etsy related issues I'd like to write about, if only to get my own thoughts straight. It's been a really interesting (and profitable!) experience so far.

Here's a recent item:

I'd tell you to go buy it in the store, but someone already did!

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