Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am not a photographer.

I take, maybe, one really great photo a year. Photography is so NOT my strong suit.

But part of being on Etsy is that your photos have to be good, if not great. It's immensely frustrating, frankly, because although my pictures are getting better, I have yet to work out the best way to take truly spectacular product photos!

The little people rolls are particularly problematic, because the pictures - especially the initial thumbnail that should hopefully entice potential buyers to click - just don't capture how neat they are. Fortunately this morning the baby took a nap while I had good light in the backyard, so I played around a bit and I think finally came up with a good initial photo composition:

Probably will tweak it a bit more, but for now I'm calling it good. One of the things I'm finding irritating about Etsy is there's a very specific aesthetic that the Etsy Monkeys like, and your product is only going to be chosen for within-site promotion if your photos meet that criteria. Lots of neutral colours, odd angles, white background. It's nice enough, but it means if you look at the front page of Etsy at any given time there's a certain...sameness to it all. I'm not sure it's a look I necessarily want to be trying for, but if I want to have any shot at on-Etsy promotion, well, there it is.


Andrea said...

I keep leaving comments and they are disappearing. I will try one more time!

Purplelizard said...

Now I am dying of curiosity about what you were going to post!

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