Friday, December 4, 2009

24 Days of Christmas: Day 4. SO MUCH BAKING.

So this was the scene in my kitchen yesterday. 18 dozen bars, packed up and ready to go. I couldn't go to the actual cookie exchange, so I dropped my cookies off and then this morning I picked up the goodies:

Note small child who REALLy wants to just dive on in there head first. She's rather in awe of the whole thing.

So what did I get? Cookies and baked goods galore! I have to get on repacking them into sets to give away, lest my ass wind up with its own zip code.



I don't know what this is (since I missed the actual exchange), but I'm betting it's yummy!

The kid immediately ran off with this snowman. And then wanted to know when we could make some snowmen. Like we don't have enough cookies already!

I need to open these packages to get a better look! Pretty sure the white ones are lemon fudge, which I'm very excited about trying.

The kiddo also made off with a cupcake. I admit I ate one too!

Yeah, I don't think I'll be losing weight any time soon...

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