Tuesday, December 8, 2009

24 Days of Christmas: Day 8. Shape Sorter.

HOW COOL IS THIS??? I love it so much, and I can't wait to give it to the baby for Christmas! It's a fabric shape sorter. Kind of similar to the cube, but with 100% more awesome. I volunteered to test the pattern that this etsy seller designed, and it's really, really great. She doesn't have the pattern listed yet, but I'm sure it will be available soon! Now available!

Other side. More shapes.

And you take the shapes out! And then put them back in! And take them out! And put them back in! Seriously, it's so neat.

Interior shot.

The shapes. I actually made two sets of shapes. These are the smaller set, included in the pattern, which can be tossed in through the top or shoved through the sides. Because I stuffed the sorter VERY full, the shapes in the sides of the sorter body wound up a bit larger than intended (the original version is loosely stuffed), so I also made a larger set of shapes to fit into the holes:

These are the ones that go in and make it into a box! I basically added about a 1/2" all the way around each shape pattern. Super easy.

Fabrics used are blue minky, blue cat pattern flannel, and fuschia corduroy, so there's lots of textural interest as well (LOVE the minky, it's so soft).

It was very fun to make, too, even if it did involve evil interior seaming like the cube. Of course, now I'm getting pretty good at it!

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