Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 Days of Christmas: Day 9. Glass straws review

These were kind of an early Christmas gift to myself, so I'm including them here even though I bought them, I didn't make them or trade for them. Shut up, it's my blog, I can break my own rules if I want. Although I guess technically I didn't make any rules. So there. At any rate, today, glass straws! These were purchased from Glass Dharma. They are handmade in the USA. Shipping was quite fast - I actually ordered twice, and both times my order arrived within 5 business days.

I would claim that i bought these for environmental reasons, since kid #1 insists on only drinking through a straw and goes through plastic straws at an alarming rate, and that's part of it, but mostly I just think they are really, really pretty.

I bought two sizes. The short size is perfect for the kiddo to use in those ubiquitous IKEA kid's drinking cups. The larger size works great for me! Although admittedly if the kid decides she wants an orange dot, well, then, by gum she'll use the big straw. Choosing a straw colour is rapidly becoming a key part of every meal.

I like the coloured dots. Because, you know, pretty! And these straws are very sturdy - they are made of something very similar to pyrex, and while I wouldn't take them and go drumming out a merry tune on your cast iron frying pan, I think they should stand up to normally use (and occasionally being dropped, which, yes, has happened a few times already) with no breakage. The company will replace them if you break them during the course of normal use.

Cleaning is straightforward; since they are glass you can easily tell if they are dirty. I give them a quick rinse after use, then put them in the dishwasher. Easy as pie. When you buy a set of four you also get a small cleaning brush, which if anything ever gets dried on to the inside would be useful, although I haven't had to use it.

What really surprised me is that I swear water actually tastes better when drunk through one of these straws. Something about the cool glass of the straw? I don't know, but I know I'm drinking a lot more water since they arrived!

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... It's The Journey said...

I know a lady that was told she had to drink more water b/c of the medication she took to treat Leukemia. She ordered the smoothie size straw from GlassDharma specifically for that purpose and she said it worked. She takes water and her smoothie straw in the car and everywhere she goes and is now able to meet her medical needs!

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