Sunday, December 6, 2009

24 Days of Christmas: Day 6. Pencil Crayon Rolls

These were made by custom request for an Etsy customer. I love this coloured cord for the exterior.

They are bigger than the ones I usually make, with a pocket for a small artist's sketch pad. The extra, wide spot next to the white pencil crayon is meant for a pencil sharpener. I love it!

I'm not going to accept any more pre-Christmas custom orders via the shop (although I will of course continue to sell and ship anything that's currently listed!), since I have a ton of sewing for Christmas presents to get done. I had been planning to start on that a week ago, but one of my pencil crayon rolls got featured in an Etsy Gift Guide (YAY!) and I got a whole bunch of orders. Which is fabulous, dollar wise, but I'm looking forward to sewing something else for a while!

After Christmas I'm going to make more of these, and also write a pattern for them.

Now, on to the Christmas sewing! First up, the capes for my niece and my daughter. Hopefully I can get those done tonight, they're a nice easy warm up project before I get into the more complicated stuff I have planned.


WhitneyB99 said...

I just wanted to let you know that Bloggy Blog Designz is having a super holiday giveaway, with 14 different giveaways but 34 winners total!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on getting featured in an Etsy gift guide (tho' I have to say I'm just a teensy bit jealous!)...I may have to pick your brains in the new year about my photos, as I really think I need to work on those to get my work seen on etsy more!

Purplelizard said...

Thanks! It was SUCH a surprise, one day the views started going crazy on one listing and until I figured it out I was so confused!

I'm not overly fond of the etsy 'look', but they really do favour a particular photo style for the stuff they feature, with the white/grey backgrounds and the shot from the weird angle for the first thumbnail.

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