Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ah, the new year...

...when immediately after I get the Christmas stuff down, I am overcome with the urge to clean and declutter and get rid of EVERYTHING.

No sewing for a bit, I'm going to sort and purge my sewing room.

I did recently finally set up something I've wanted to do forever. Kiddo #1 brings home a lot of art from school, and makes a lot of art at home, and it kept winding up in random piles and was just generally a big pain in the butt.

So I went to one of my favourite places (IKEA, of course) and picked up a couple of wire curtain hangers, mucked around for a while with a drill and some wire cutters, and voila, art gallery:

The clips even came with the wire rod! Now whenever she makes something new she wants to display, she chooses which old piece to get rid of. And it makes it easy for me to grab a few photos of her work here and there, so that I can have pictures without having to save the actual pieces.

Very pleased with this solution to our overabundance of kid art problem.


andrea said...

That's a brilliant idea, I will be stealing it (but giving you all the credit!).
Happy New Year Em

Purplelizard said...

Ha, I stole it from someone else, I saw she'd done something similar a few years ago and filed it away for future use! I love it, it adds some nice colour to my otherwise very boring dining room, too.

yawkar618 said...

i love this idea and think I might need to steal it to use for my daughters room! :) thanks!

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