Saturday, July 25, 2009

Angela and Angela: Funkified!

Excuse the lack of posting, I'm in one of those moods lately where I flit from project to project and never manage to actually finish anything. Well, except for these.

Another Angela bag, by request.

Yep, that's an Angela bag, made with, what else, but IKEA fabric. Of course.

Because it's not much more work to make two, I made a second one - this one with the print on the outside of the flap, because not everyone wants a plain black bag.

But where this particular version of Angela gets really down and funky is here:

It's completely reversible! Other than the slider on the strap. If I'd thought it through I would have used a slider on each side. Next one.

HELLO! This way the pockets are all hidden behind the flap on the outside of the bag, but I think it works. I didn't do a zippered pocket on this one because I didn't feel up to struggling with another zipper (I HATE zippers). Got ideas for a few more of these bags.

Now, to wrap up some of the other 50,000 projects I have on the go - and resist the urge to start another project!

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