Monday, July 27, 2009

What's going on

The to do list is ever growing:

1) Finish the bib pattern
2) Make sleep masks
3) Make Mei Tai for L
4) Work on patterns for sleep masks and Angela bags
5) Write tutorial for sewing over thick seams, since I finally came up with a solution to that problem that is both free, easy, and works astonishingly well
6) Make doll carrier for K and a bunch for the store. Probably will patternize this one, too, with the CPSIA thing in the States a lot of sellers are closing up shop and there's probably a market for a pattern

Oh, and start getting ready to go back to teaching in the fall! Hahahahahaha! No, I'm not busy at all!

Naturally, the baby has selected RIGHT NOW to outgrow her medium diapers. I can probably keep squeezing her into them for a while longer, but at the moment I mostly have fitteds and covers, and let me tell you, getting essentially two diapers fastened on a baby who is very, very determined to crawl off the edge of the changing table and do a beautiful swan dive onto the floor is just SUPER fun. And if I change her on the floor she wriggles away and goes after specks of dust and electrical cords and basically anything she can spot that isn't baby safe. So I need more all-in-one diapers to make the changing thing go faster.

A while ago I bought a bunch of PUL (used on the outside of AIOs so they will be waterproof), and kind of miscalculated exactly how much PUL we were talking about.

So I wound up with I believe the technical term would be 'a metric buttload' of PUL:

Pretty pastels.

BRIGHTS. and I can't find the BRIGHT orange one, which can probably be seen from space. Which makes it especially puzzling that I managed to misplace it. Judging by the orange glow coming out of the basement, it's down there somewhere.

So if I make one AIO from each colour I'll have plenty to do wash every other day or even every third day, depending (especially since I do have a few I already made in plain white PUL). And then I'll have the metric buttload left over that I'll need to figure out what the hell to do with it. Sell it off in diaper cuts, probably. Anyone in Milton need PUL? Or need some diapers made out of PUL? I might make up some diapers to sell, but I find the amount of time a diaper takes me to sew doesn't really work with the price I'd be able to charge, so it's largely not worth it unless I'm doing a custom order for someone local.

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