Thursday, July 2, 2009

Growing, growing, garden growing

I can't get over how much stuff has grown in the last few weeks! There's a sort of miraculous aspect of gardening - take seeds, soil, sun, and water, and voila. It's amazing.

Cranky children meant I didn't get any close ups, but there are peas almost ready for harvest. And man, check out the leaves on the cauliflower! So THAT'S why you have to plant them so far apart!

Checking the tomatoes. Quite a few tiny green ones hiding in there. I am giddy with anticipation for the first ripe tomato!

Romaine lettuce! To be perfectly honest it didn't taste much different from store Romaine, but doesn't it look pretty?

Mmmmm, Caesar salad. I've got two more heads of romaine I can harvest today and make another Caesar. Man I love this salad.

There's a little zucchini I may pick today too. The cucumber has a lot of very promising looking little fruits on it, too, and my plan of training it up a trellis (well, at the moment into a tomato cage) is working pretty well.

I need to decide whether to try one more row of carrots or replant lettuce or what. So many choices...

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